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Pine Resin Body Guasa
Pine Resin Body Guasa

Pine Resin Body Guasa



The streamlined design, tailored to the contours of the body, promotes blood circulation as well as eases muscle tension. It can be used on the shoulders, back, arms, legs as well as various lymph nodes and accupressure points, helping promote circulation, metabolism, lymphatic drainage for a simple yet comfortable home spa experience.

Use Direction

Scalp care
The prominent three-dimensional sphere can be gently used to massage the forehead, skull and neck. It can stimulate the senses as well as the scalp to boost blood circulation and delivery of nutrients in the skin.

Begin with lower leg and gently massage upward in a way patter, avoid applying pressure onto any bone area, and working your way to the upper leg to promote circulation and relaxation.

Back area
Using the longest arch of the Pine Resin Body Gua Sha, gently massage from top to bottom of the back and avoid applying excessive pressure onto any bone areas.
The motion con help reduce muscle tension and induce relaxation and stress relief.